Here is a little bit about all the boys involved in our super blog.

In year 1 we have Milo, Declan, Ollie and Jamie. A the start of our fun writing sessions these boys were asked ‘Do you like writing?’

Ollie: ‘I think so, sometimes’

Declan: ‘ I do writing with people at school. I like PE.’

Jamie: ‘I don’t know. I like comics.’

Milo: I don’t do good writing. I like stories.’

Helping the year 1 boys are the year 4’s.  We have William, Jake and Braydon.

William: ‘I like writing. it is fun. You can be anyone and pretend to be other people.I like to write stories. I am actually quite good at it. I wrote a story that might be published. Its a funny story. I like to write with funny bits’.

Jake: ‘Writing can be fun, i like making up stories too. [What type of stories?] I don’t know, any really.  I don’t like writing much at school for like Science and other things cos i want to write my own things’.

Braydon: I think the same. I write at home. I like stories. I don’t write all the time but I like writing my stories so  I can read them. I like to write my own things.’


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