Pineapple studios


Saturday 17th February half term 2014


On Saturday 17th half term I went to London with my dad to pineapple studios to do some drama, dancing and singing because my dad thinks I’m really good at those stuff.

So when I got there I had a look around London and it is a really good place. Then at 11:00 I had to do some drama, dancing and singing, but first I had to tell how old I am and tell an important fact about me. After that I had to show them how good I am. (2 weeks later). In the evening my dad was on his laptop and he looked at his emails and he came downstairs and said ‘HE GOT ACCEPTED!!!! (so one of you guys next year will see me on TV!!


4 thoughts on “Braydon

  1. Pawer riant and octnowts are my favorot thing on tv. I wud lav to be on tv to what cannl are you on? By Declan

    (Power Rangers and Octonauts are my favourite thing on TV. I would live to be on TV. What channel are you on?)

  2. well done Braydon I’m glad to here you were excepted I’m looking forward to seeing you on TV! What did you have to do to get excepted and how? Also were is pineapple studios is it far? Do you know which/what channel will you be on? By William

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