car day!

Campervan was my favourite it looked pretty cool from the side.

Miss filipos car was cool cos it was black and if you press a button the roof +sides came off. My daddy had a car that the roof comes off when you twist it I have a black car now with like 5 sets or something.

I like cars cos if you walk  far like to london or something you can just go in a car. Yor feet wuod hurt!


5 thoughts on “Jamie

  1. Well Jamie I think that is very interesting, I myself also like the campervan best it is very cool.

    Do you have a favourite general car if so what is it. My car is a vaux hall its very big it can carry 7 people at once and in my mums car if you press the right button the roof and sides come off to.My favourite car is a limo. My mum once hired one for a very special meeting and it was very very comfy!
    By William

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