The football match!

2nd March 2014

Yesterday I had a football match against Hove rivervale.

It was a VERY tough game we lost 0-3 to them.

I did 4 spectacular tackles and almost scored a goal. One of their players, number 4, hacked into the back of my anckle with his stud, I got a free kick. I chiped it very high and it bounched off the cross bar and number 7, Ozz, took the ball off.


Please if you have had any other football games I would love to hear.

Please post in the comments.



5 thoughts on “william

  1. Fanc you fo your story. I playd football wiv my daddy and my cusons. Its grait.
    By Jamie

    (thank you for your story. I played football with my daddy and my cousins. It’s great).

  2. I too often play football with my family and friends. It is very different fromplaying a match though! Yes Milo football can be hard but that is why we practice alot. By William

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